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Phonegap Apps Development

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Developing mobile apps is fun, but developing apps for different mobile operating systems, individually, is a chore! An easy way out is to use PhoneGap, which is a software development platform that can create mobile apps for all mobile platforms in one go. The best thing about PhoneGap is that developers can work with it using existing Web developer skills.

PhoneGap is a free and open source framework that can be used to create mobile apps using Web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We can also use standardised Web APIs and target the platforms on which we want to develop the app. The biggest advantage of PhoneGap is that we can use our existing Web developer skills, which result in a shorter learning period and faster development. This framework is entirely based on Web standards.

The structure of a mobile is similar to that of a computer. It has a custom-built operating system, hardware and firmware. Every mobile OS provides its own environment set-up and tools to develop apps, which will run only on that OS. Apps running on one OS can’t run on another. So to increase the reach among users, there’s a need to make the apps compatible with all major mobile OSs. To make an app that can not only run on all major OS platforms but also have the look and feel that’s compatible with them is a tedious task. are specialized in Phonegap Development Company in hyderabad, phonegap apps development in hyderabad, phonegap apps development services in hyderabad, Cheap Phonegap developers hyderabad, Professional Phonegap developers in hyderabad, freelancer Phonegap developers in hyderabad.
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PhoneGap is the solution for all the problems mentioned above. It is a framework that allows us to develop apps using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and standard Web APIs for all major mobile OSs. PhoneGap takes care of the look and feel of the app and its compatibility with various mobile OSs.
It also allows us to use different features of the mobile device like the camera, contacts and location. It supports iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, webOS, WP7 and Bada.

Developing an app in PhoneGap doesn’t require any expertise in any of the above platforms nor any hard core coding practices. Once you upload the data content to the website, PhoneGap will convert it to various app files.

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